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Let's do it! Romania
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romania [at] letsdoitworld [dot] org

Ionut Iordachescu

LDIR 2013 coordinator

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Anamaria Hancu


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Anca Banita


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Andrei Cosuleanu


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Alina Stochita


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Radu Rusu


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Geo Atreides


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Luciana Petroiu

Cleanup day

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Timesort icon Cleanup project name Region within the country Actual number of volunteers
27.06.2015 (All day) Let’s Do It! Danube
25.04.2015 (All day) Let's do it! Timis Timis
27.09.2014 (All day) Let's Do It! - Timis, Romania
29.06.2014 (All day) Let's Do It, Danube!
28.09.2013 (All day) Let's Do It! Romania 200000
29.09.2012 (All day) Let´s Do It, Timis! Timiș 2853
12.05.2012 (All day) Let's do it! Romania 182000
24.09.2011 (All day) The National Cleaning Day - Let's Do It, Romania! 250000
25.09.2010 (All day) Let's Do It, Romania! 200000

Media coverage in other channels - Wed, 16/04/2014
National Administration "Romanian Waters" becomes strategic partner "Let's Do It, Danube!" Event which will result in cleaning of the Danube even the International Day of the river, on 29 June 2014. After working in the four seasons national day of cleaning, the team Let's Do It, Romania! performing first project Let's Do It, Danube! together with A.N. "Romanian Waters". Read more » - Tue, 11/02/2014
130 representatives of environmental organizations from 40 countries discussed the future of global movement Let's Do It! during internaţionaleClean World 2014 conference held in Kosovo between 6 and 9 February. Read more » - Thu, 06/02/2014
Timisoara Radu Rusu, President EcoStuff our country, along with a consultant of "Let's Do It, Romania!" Largest movement of social involvement and environmental protection in the world, are the only Romanian participating this fall in a unique conference. The event called Clean World Conference 2014 taking place in Kosovo, Pristina, attended by over 100 representatives from 40 countries who will try to find solutions to change the way people think in terms of pollution and waste. Read more »


31.07.2014 Huffington Post: Romanian NGO on their way to Guinness book for building the largest plastic bottles bridge in Timisoara »
By Cosmin Gheorge, Huffington PostEdited by Meelika Hirmo, Head of Public Relations & Communication of Let's Do iI! World Ecostuff Romania, which is also the initiator of Let's Do It! actions in Timisoara, is making history building a Guinness Book (hopefully!) worthy bridge made out of plastic bottles.

World Cleanup 2012

Cleanup project: Let´s Do It, Timis! – 29.09.2012 (All day)
Contact: [email protected]
Actual number of volunteers: 2853
Amount of waste collected: 450 m3
Short overview

The event was organized by EcoStuff Romania


There are 6 members in the core team. We have organised LDI in Timis county since 2010. In May 2012 we created EcoStuff Romania as an NGO.




Continental Automotive and Frigoglass provided us with money and two smaller local companies Fast Point and Florimpex-Tim who provided us with the bags.


2853 volunteers, 33 city administrations, 16 NGOs, 45 schools, 12 companies


Transportation of the garbage was organised by the companies that usually do that for the city. There was a meeting with the environmental supervisors of every city in our county. We asked them to arrange (and they did) the garbage to be picked up and transported.

Short overview of mapping.

Close to the every city and few recreation areas we did not map garbage point, but in the larger areas about 40%

Cleaned garbage points: 33
Estimated amount of garbage: 1100 m3
Waste handling.

Everything went to sorting and then recycling

Waste types.

Mostly plastic, about 70%

Cleanup project: Let's do it! Romania – 12.05.2012 (All day)
Contact: [email protected], +40 723 283635
Actual number of volunteers: 182000
Amount of waste collected: 300 000 trash bags
Short overview

12 May 2012" Viitorul in Zori"" ONG, in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment 300 000 bags of trash was collected. All 41 departments of the country participated. Recycling rate - 37% of the trash bags were directed to the recycling centers

Situation before the cleanup

Far too many illegal dumpsites, especially in the rural area.


The organization was created for the 2011 cleanup. There were 3 PMs and 50 people in the coreteam


Voluntary work from the organizers + sponsoring from companies. We had a special fundraising department.


Authorities - with connexion, logistics and people


Around 450 organizers

Waste handling.

37% - recycling companies 63% - landfills

Some lovely story from the cleanup day Dr. Stefan Ionut Buciuc stefan [dot] buciuc [at] letsdoitromania [dot] ro