Leadership Program

Capacity Building Leadership Program

We are developing training programs to build skills and knowledge to get started with zero waste and circular economy systems on local level, based on our Keep It Clean Plan.

The topics include:

  • technical waste management knowledge and known key solutions;
  • a framework to improve your internal and external communications and messaging supporting your mission;
  • critical knowledge of the needs for your team and stakeholder engagement;
  • a checklist to get started: problem mapping, waste audit and other methods
  • a basic understanding for being an ambassador and  spreading the knowledge and skills yourself.

January 2020 training program

January 2020 training trainers

We have started with training program designed for situations in developing countries, but will be also developing programs both focused on more advanced waste management systems and how to transition to zero waste, how to initiate behaviour change and develop your organisation sustainably.

Kadri Kalle

Programme Manager (Education and Policy)

[email protected]

Keep It Clean

The plan. What and why?

The Keep It Clean Plan is a set of guidelines and it will state our overall principles and our vision for the management of resources and waste, together with step-by-step solutions and examples of best practice. It will act as a general support document for all communities wanting to improve their waste situation, and who are willing to develop their own local/national/regional strategy.

Read the Keep it Clean Plan

Keep It Clean Roadmap

Do’s and Don’ts

Clarifications on bioplastics

As there is wider confusion and misinformation around bioplastics, our knowledge team put together a summary document in February 2018. What are bio-based, biodegradable and compostable plastics? Where does it make sense to use them and where not?

Find it out from a document here

Short one-page summary of the topic can be found here