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Capacity Building Leadership Program

We are developing training programs to build skills and knowledge to get started with zero waste and circular economy systems on local level, based on our Keep It Clean Plan.

The topics include:

  • technical waste management knowledge and known key solutions;
  • a framework to improve your internal and external communications and messaging supporting your mission;
  • critical knowledge of the needs for your team and stakeholder engagement;
  • a checklist to get started: problem mapping, waste audit and other methods
  • a basic understanding for being an ambassador and  spreading the knowledge and skills yourself.

Read more about the topics of the Capacity Building Leadership Program, the Keep It Clean Plan and Clarifications on bioplastics here

Clean cities

We help local governments to improve the quality-of-life & prosperity for citizens and businesses by making sustainable resource & waste management easy.
Clean Cities program contains multiple activities and initiatives supported by local authorities, zero waste, circular economy and community engagement experts.
To achieve waste free communities, we need a collective effort from all levels of society – revising our policies, planning, decision-making, supply and packaging of goods, and business models, while simultaneously transforming public attitudes and behaviours across all generations. This program is aimed specifically to support local authorities to implement the Keep It Clean Plan.

Overall goals of the program:
  • Clean public space
  • Increased recycling rates
  • Reduced municipal solid waste

Partnering for Education for Sustainable Development campaign

The purpose of the UNESCO campaign is to encourage young people across the world to educate themselves on issues across sustainability by taking action and encouraging others to do the same.

The focus is on individual learning and behaviour change.

The collaboration with Let’s Do It Foundation is based on our Keep It Clean Plan approach for the individual engagement in understanding the environmental impact of litter and causes of litter issues.

The global campaign will be enrolled in 2020.

WADE and World Waste Platform

Trash is everywhere. Left uncollected, it often ends up harming the environment. To clean it up efficiently, we need to focus on the places that are most affected. But how do we know where in the world that is?

By combining artificial intelligence with tens of thousands of publicly available photos, we can help solve this problem. We, Let’s Do It Foundation and SIFR in partnership with Microsoft, have developed an AI algorithm for detecting trash in geolocated images.

Explore the Let’s Do It AI Project WADE!

The World Waste Platform is currently being updated!