Marta Rocha , Brazil

“I’ve always felt bothered with environmental awareness regarding waste management in Brazil. I saw that ‘Let’s Do It!’ could start a discussion in various sectors of the society. We needed to make the problem visible to bring along a cultural change. People need to understand the importance of an individual act.”

Rainer Nõlvak , Estonia

“I am a solitary type who loves to wonder around in the forest. At some point I started noticing that I’m not alone in the woods anymore – there was a remarkable amount of car tyres, dressers and plastic bags there. This combination felt violent. I realised we need to make an effort – if this doesn’t help, I guess we have to move to Mars.”

Afshin Ighani , El Salvador

“Education, violence, lack of jobs – these all seem much more important to the general public in Latin America. We show them that by taking care of the environment, it can help build a better society and solve some of these social problems. A cleaner environment is a happy environment, and this can prevent violence.”

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Events around the world

Clean World Conference 2019

Clean World Conference 2019 is targeted to leaders and partners of Let’s Do It and taking place in Tallinn, Estonia from 24 to 27 of January 2019.

Clean World Conference 2018

“Clean World Conference 2018” is targeted to leaders and partners of Let’s Do It! World and taking place in Radisson Blu Sky Hotel, Tallinn, Estonia from 25 to 28 of January 2018.

Press Conference – one year until World Cleanup Day

Marketing sub-network workshop