Keep It Clean Plan

People world-wide want to change the global waste situation. We’re working on two big projects with more long-term impacts  – the Keep It Clean Plan, and the World Waste Platform. Let’s work together!

The plan. What and why?

The Keep It Clean Plan is a set of guidelines and it will state our overall principles and our vision for the management of resources and waste, together with step-by-step solutions and examples of best practice. It will act as a general support document for all communities wanting to improve their waste situation, and who are willing to develop their own local/national/regional strategy. 

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Keep It Clean Roadmap

Do’s and Don’ts


WADE and World Waste Platform

Trash is everywhere. Left uncollected, it often ends up harming the environment. To clean it up efficiently, we need to focus on the places that are most affected. But how do we know where in the world that is?

By combining artificial intelligence with tens of thousands of publicly available photos, we can help solve this problem. We, Let’s Do It Foundation and SIFR in partnership with Microsoft, have developed an AI algorithm for detecting trash in geolocated images.

Explore the Let’s Do It AI Project WADE!

The World Waste Platform is currently being updated!

Clarifications on bioplastics

As there is wider confusion and misinformation around bioplastics, our knowledge team put together a summary document in February 2018. What are bio-based, biodegradable and compostable plastics? Where does it make sense to use them and where not?

Find it out from a document here.

Short one-page summary of the topic can be found here.