Clean-up Day: uniting together for a better/ more beautiful Bulgaria

For 5th subsequent year bTV Media Group organises the ‘’National Clean-up Day’’. bTV Media Group is the biggest private media in Bulgaria part of the family of Central European Media Enterprises (CME).The initiative is the biggest voluntary project that has been organized in the country. The event takes places in one day for the whole country. People unite in order to clean and make Bulgaria happier and healthier. The efforts of the campaign are focused on improving the quality of the environment. Because of that, a network of partners is created.

The campaign is unconditionally supported by the Government, local authorities, businesses and non-governmental organizations. Thus, working together for the greater good and taking responsibility for making the world a better place. The main aims of the campaign are: increasing the number of cleaned places, collecting as much garbage as possible as well as transporting it to landfills, motivating people and raising awareness, and also educating them about the ways to reduce our waste and lead a more sustainable way of life. We all aim at contributing to our shared goal: making the world a better place and change the attitude of people towards sustainable life in the long-term.

Events from Bulgaria

Clean World Conference

Tallinn, Estonia