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Successful Let’s Do It! clean-up campaigns have been led by different types of people. Yet we have noticed six essential qualities in a person that are necessary to take charge and lead people toward nation-wide change.

We are looking for people who...

Feel a desire to make their
living environment cleaner and better.

Are team players and delegators
(good leaders cannot and will not do
everything by themselves, but easily identify
the right people for the right roles).

Have exceptional organising power
and a diverse network of contacts.

Have previously executed large projects
and demonstrated leadership ability.

Are consistent in their work ethic,
and can overcome obstacles as they arise.

Are able to motivate people and
inspire them to act.

In addition to organising and unifying a network of volunteers, leaders can aid the cause with strategic planning, partnership development, fundraising, and media relations in their respective countries.

What does the Let’s Do It! world clean-up offer to a talented person?

• Support, inspiration, information and materials to successfully carry out the clean-up action. We have a proven model that can be replicated - no need to reinvent the wheel.

• The possibility to do something meaningful to improve society.

• Extraordinary experience.

• Dedicated support within an international network.

Let’s Do It! World does not offer a paid job. Finding funding and partners shall be the responsibility of the organising committee for each country. Our experience shows that talented Let’s Do It leaders have managed to involve both public and private enterprise to back the action. Upon request money has also been found to pay for the work.

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