About Clean World Conference

This is a high point of the Let’s Do It calendar, when the inspirational and dedicated teams and partners from across our 158-country network come together to connect, learn, inspire and plan for a cleaner future.

The number of participants has grown year-on-year and 300 participants from more than 90 countries are expected this year.

Who is expected to participate?

We hope to see at least two representatives of each country that participated in World Cleanup Day 2018

Mentors and ambassadors of these countries and areas

Existing and new partners of Let’s Do It Foundation and World Cleanup Day

Does it cost anything to participate?

You need to arrange your own visa, as well as the transport to Tallinn and back. Regarding accommodation and food and local transport, we will cover it to one participant from each of the 158 World Cleanup Day 2018 participating countries and territories.

All other participants need to pay 400€ per person to cover their food, accommodation and local transport during the conference. Please ask your country team leader to confirm your participation and provide information about the process.

Moderators – Colm Flynn and Kadi Kenk

Colm Flynn is an award-winning Irish radio and TV presenter with a passion for telling stories. Constantly traveling the world, you can see him on Irish TV screens where he is a reporter on the hugely popular ‘TODAY’ show! Over on the BBC World Service, Colm reports on a show called ‘OUTLOOK’ where he meets inspirational people who have amazing stories to tell. These interviews are broadcast to 22 million people around the globe on the BBC network. “I get such a thrill from traveling the globe and meeting new people. I’m constantly in awe of how humans can thrive in the face of adversity and I feel lucky I get to share their stories with the world.”

Colm also is one half of the superhuman duo who presented our epic 24-hour non-stop live broadcast during World Cleanup Day


Kadi Kenk is managing global partnerships for World Cleanup Day to help Trash Blind SEE trash and take action for a clean planet. She joined Let’s Do It Foundation in 2011 as a volunteer focusing on South Europe and North African engagement in the movement. Volunteer work turned into a passion that has since inspired her work on the positions as Head of Network and Head of Partnerships. In preparation for World Cleanup Day, she has formed collaboration on the level of the EU, the UN, global volunteer networks and corporations. Kadi performs as a public speaker most often on the topics of community engagement and civic empowerment on the road to solving global problems.


Thursday 24.01.2019


12:00   Registration open / Gathering of pre-registered taskforces
15:30    Visit to the parliament (120 places available, location – Lossi plats 1a, 10130 Tallinn)
20:00   Welcome reception starts
Location: NO Theatre, Sakala 3, 10141 Tallinn
Dresscode: Casual
23:00   Welcome reception closes / Registration closes

Friday 25.01.2019

“Keep It Clean Plan”

08:30   Opening
Siim Kiisler, Minister of the Environment and President of United Nations Environment Assembly
08:50   Keynote speakers and panel discussion inspired from Keep It Clean Plan
Government – Kersti Kaljulaid, President of the Republic of Estonia
Policy expert – Clarissa Charlotte Morawski, Reloop Platform
Civil society – Valeria Merino, VP – Global Earth Day, Earth Day Network
Business – Stephen Hope, Toyota Motor Europe General Manager, Environmental Affairs and Corporate Citizenship
Moderator: Margo Loor
10:20   Introductions to sessions and topics
All five workshops are held twice, so participants can choose one workshop for each session
Working with municipalities
Working with businesses
How to make policy actually work in solving the waste problems?
How to approach waste problems through education?
Suggestions and learning points how to make an impactful awareness campaign
10:45  Coffee is made available
11:00  Session I
13:00  Lunch
14:00  Session II
16:00  Coffee break
16:15   Open Space
Participants have the possibility to propose their own small workshops on topics, that they find relevant within the Keep It Clean scope and future activities. There will be big board on the wall of the conference hall, where the workshops can be posted with available locations. Those wishing to hold their open space discussion, can introduce them in the Friday morning plenary. The workshop leads will also be responsible for making a short summary of the discussion/activity later on. The open space session lasts for 1,5 h, so if you want to discuss something with others, you can already start thinking about it now.
18:00   Summaries of the workshops
18:45   Closing of the day
19:00   Free time
19:30   Bus ride to the venue
20:00  Dinner and party
Location: Von Glehni Teater, Pärnu maantee 326, Tallinn
Theme:  Welcome to the theatre
Dresscode: Best costume wins
00:00   Bus back to the hotel
00:00   Afterparty
02:00   Last bus back to hotel

Saturday 26.01.2019

“What is Next?”

08:45   Warm-up
09:00   Introduction of the day
09:15   Summary and learning points of World Cleanup Day 2018
Heidi Solba, Head of Network
Tiina Urm, Head of Communication
Kadri Kalle, Manager of Knowledge team
Five stories of inspiration from Let’s Do It!
Fatmir Matoshi, Minister of the Environment and Spatial Planning of the Republic of Kosovo
10:25  Next steps for Let’s Do It movement
11:00  Coffee break
11:30  Panel discussion: The strength in our network and how to build it further?
Trash Hero – Roman Peter
Let’s Do It! Germany – Holger Holland
Let’s Do It! France – Anna Gril
Let’s Do It! Kosovo – Nora Cukaj
Moderator: Tiina Urm
12:10  Introduction to group discussions
12:30  Lunch
13:30  Group discussions
World Café “How I can engage 5% and create impact with WCD2019 in my country”  
Next steps for Let’s Do It Foundation regarding the Keep It Clean Plan
15:30   Coffee break
16:00   Open space  “How we can create a lasting global impact as a movement?”  
18:00   Summary of the workgroups
18:45   Closing of the day
19:00   Free time
19:30   Bus ride to dinner venue
20:00  Dinner and party
Location: Teras Beach, Lõuka 6, Tallinn
No shoes are allowed at the venue

Theme: Hawaii
Dresscode: Fancy beach party with hawaiian touch
00:00   Bus to the hotel and afterparty venue
00:00   Afterparty

Sunday 27.01.2019

“Concrete Next Steps”

08:45   Warm-up
09:00   Introduction of the day
09:15     Next steps for the movement
10:30   Coffee break
10:45   Regional gatherings
12:15    Summary of the conference
13:00   Lunch

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