Capacity Building Training for Sustainable Waste Management trainers

Enzo Favoino

He is the lead expert behind the Keep It Clean Plan. He has been advising Let’s Do It family already since 2016. In his daily life he works for Scuola Agraria del Parco di Monza in Italy, advising local municipalities in different countries on a wide range of waste management topics. He is also the scientific coordinator in Zero Waste Europe and Member of the Board of ZWIA (Zero Waste International Alliance). Enzo has a keen interest especially in biowaste treatment and he is known for both his endless amounts of knowledge and enthusiasm.

Mait Kriipsalu

He is a professor in waste management at Estonian University of Life Sciences and has seen Estonian waste management evolve from very basic structures in the 1990s to the EU-standardised levels we have today. He shares his interest in biowaste with Enzo, as they have been together in the board of the European Comost Network. Mait was also one of the contributors to the Keep It Clean Plan, with a focus on sanitary landfills that he will also share during the training. Among the students his courses are always appreciated, as he has the skill to ask curious questions and explain things in an interesting way.

Mayri Tiido

She is an adult educator and a learning designer with more than 7 years of international experience having worked directly with more than 1300 people from 35 different countries. Usually she works as a freelance trainer on soft skills and circular economy/sustainability, though currently she’s leading a start-up in a state funded incubation. She aims to develop a technology through which waste in production could be prevented and sent back to circulation.

Ita Puusepp

She is a PhD candidate in educational sciences with a background in psychology. At the training she will be sharing some insights from psychology and educational sciences that could help us understand a bit better how we process information and why we behave the way we do.

She hopes to play her part in co-creating a cleaner future, and in addition to a cleaner future she also aims for a more colourful future by annually co-organizing a street art festival called Rural Urban Art in rural areas and small towns in Estonia.

Kadri Kalle

She is the main coordinator of this training, helping to tie all the topics together. She has been dealing with sustainability topics for over 10 years, mainly from the educational point of view. She has been teaching sustainability in universities, organised several events on sustainability topics, helped to plan waste management at festivals etc. She has been working with Lets Do It since 2017 as knowledge team coordinator, now as education and policy programme manager. Already at the age of 2 she was picking up cigarette butts at the beach during summer vacations with her family.