Capacity Building Training for Sustainable Waste Management program

January 21st  – Arrival Day

14.30-17.30 optional study visit – meeting point at Ülemiste shopping center

  • Pärnamäe public waste collection center and composting site
  • Deposit-Return Scheme (Eesti Pandipakend) center

19.30 Welcome Reception at Tallinn University

January 22nd – Setting The Scene

8.30 Gathering at the training location

9.00 Who are we and why are we here? Introduction into the training

9.30 Setting the target. Where do we want to go? What is Keep It Clean Plan, Zero Waste, Circular Economy?

10.00 Mapping the present as is situation. Where are we now? Finding common points in our waste management situations

11.45 Coffee break

12.00 How to get started? Waste Audit aka data is power

13.30 Lunch

14.30 Where to look for inspiration and examples? Key principles and practical examples for developing communities

16.15 Coffee break

16.30 Why is this important to me? Reflections on why we do the work we do

17.30 Wrapping up the day

18.30 Dinner and Cultural Zero Waste Evening

January 23rd – Creating The Plan

8.30 Gathering at the training location

9.00 Introduction into the day

9.30 How to make a safe landfill? Practical exercise

10.30 What can we learn from each other? Skill and knowledge sharing

11.00 Coffee break

11.30 How to form partnerships? How to spot false solutions?

12.30 How to change behaviour? Introduction into the role of education

13.30 Lunch

14.30 What’s my plan? Creating your own zero waste roadmaps

16.45 Coffee break

17.00 Wrapping up the training, feedback and next steps

18.00 End of the training