Check out how millions of people around the world have cleaned up illegal waste and made a difference.



The movement began in Estonia in 2008 when 50 000 people came together and cleaned up their entire country in five hours. Today, Let’s Do It! is a global network, having engaged a total of more than 35 million participants.

Slovenia holds the participation record in Let’s Do It! – almost 14% of the entire population participated in the cleanup day. Let’s Do It! cleanups with a huge participation rate have also taken place in Latvia (10%), Lithuania (8%), Bulgaria (13%), Kosovo (7%), Albania (5%) and naturally also in Estonia (4%).



We are an international movement with teams and contacts in 168 countries. Massive Let’s Do It! action is being coordinated in countries marked in green. This is where we have strong teams and nation-wide campaigns. We have teams preparing for a big day and working hard to grow in countries marked in light green.

Marked in gray, are the countries where a Let’s Do It! team has not yet been set up.


Collected waste

Let’s Do It! is not only about gathering a lot of people together. It’s about people who want to see that their contribution changes something right now. It’s about people who are not afraid of getting their hands dirty to see a change.

Which countries have cleaned up the biggest quantity of illegal waste? Take a look how much waste has been cleaned by Let’s Do It! activists in various countries. What happens to the countries after a massive cleanup has been held? What’s the impact? We’ve collected some examples of a long lasting change here.

Let's Do It! Statistics

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