Let’s not fight… Let’s unite!

Our model—one country in one day

Our model—one country in one day—can only be done with enormous participation from many different types of people in every country. With every new person who joins in, we are one step closer to accomplishing the part of the Let’s Do It! movement that inspires engagement, dialogue, social and environmental change and civic action in communities across the world.

To accomplish this, we’re following four very detailed steps.

  1. We need ambitious leaders to run the massive nationwide cleanup actions in their home countries. We are actively recruiting for this position, or you can recommend a leader who is fit for this challenge.
  2. To figure out just how much waste there is on our beautiful planet, we will use modern technology, the best professionals, and people just like you to locate and map the entire world’s waste. This step will help us understand the scope of the trash problem before the big World Cleanup Day in 2018. But don’t feel like you have to wait until 2017 to begin mapping! You can map the waste in your country today.
  3. In 2018 we will unite 150 countries and millions of volunteers for one massive World Cleanup Day. This will not only get rid of the trash, but it will help to start a global debate about the reckless and wasteful lifestyles we’re promoting today.
  4. The last most important step is to bring together organizations, experts and visionaries around the world to create a plan to stop the waste problem once and for all.

We understand that engaging hundreds of millions of people worldwide for a single purpose is ambitious, but we’ve been encountering skeptics from our very first cleanup in 2008. When that outpaced our expectations, people everywhere sat up and started to listen. It all starts by bringing your community together. In a way, it’s pretty simple: we’re going to build up a strong global action engaging people community by community.

Change is possible. Especially when we join together.

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