Becoming one of the fastest growing civic movements of modern times

Birth of the Let’s Do It! movement

In 2007, a group of people noticed that many of Estonia’s beautiful, native forests were being used as dumping grounds for every kind of garbage imaginable. Soon after, we came up with an ambitious plan to change not just the physical landscape, but the very idea that it is okay to dump garbage at all.

To make our point, we came up with the idea to clean up our entire country… in just one day!

We realized right away that we were going to need help, and a very detailed plan. We gathered passionate people, quickly growing to 620 volunteers and partnering with 500 Estonian organizations.

Then, we set about to understand the scale of the illegal waste around the country. Using technology, and many of our volunteers, we located and mapped the illegal trash sites to get a better understanding of where to focus our efforts on the big day.

On the 3rd of May, 2008, over 50,000 people 4% of the Estonian population stepped up together to clean up 10,000 tons of waste. Under normal circumstances, it would have taken the Estonian government three years and 22.5 million Euros to clean up the same amount of illegal garbage.

We did it for 500,000 Euros and it took only 5 hours.

Becoming one of the fastest growing civic movements of modern times

Country by country this idea started to spread. Lithuania did their cleanup next, then Latvia, Slovenia, Portugal, Serbia and many more. In the face of such amazing enthusiasm, a new ambitious plan was born – let’s now clean up the entire world!

Soon, Let’s Do It! was everywhere, sweeping up passionate, ambitious people around the world who believe, as we do, that real change is within reach.

Active people in many countries have joined to clean up their countries in one day. Check out the numbers for different countries from our statistics page.

Today, in 2018 we have over 20 million volunteers, who have participated in the dream of a clean world and who have joined the Let’s Do It! movement. With more than 120 countries on board we have set ourselves a new challenge – to join the world for a massive cleanup day in 2018.

Together we can make a difference!