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Focus on social inclusion, democracy and the environment

The Let’s Do It Foundation is much more than organizing and supporting country-wide cleanup days and the World Cleanup Day 2018. The Foundation is also very active in organizing projects that focus on social inclusion, democracy and the environment. In every project, we see the best results when we involve both citizens and experts, and bring together people from different backgrounds. In this way, the Let’s Do It Foundation continues to work every day to build a better society both in Estonia and across the world.

Peace to Breath Erasmus+ Youth Exchange

March 1st – 9th, 2017

Let’s do it foundation organised a youth exchange under the Erusmus+ Programme of European Union that took place in Estonian countryside on March 1-9, 2017. The project was organised in partnership with OLEMISEN BALANSSIA (Finland), Asociatia idei si proiecte pentru tineri activi (Romania), GENCLIK SANAT ARASTIRMA VE EGITIM DERNEGI (Turkey), OPPORTUNITY GLOBAL (UK) and designed to help young people from 5 above mentioned countries to understand and appreciate cultural differences, promote unbiased communication and tolerance, break down barriers, build trust and positive attitude and widen their horizons.

The main objectives of the Youth Exchange were to:
– unite young people from different countries and backgrounds to support peace, anti-discrimination policy and non-violent communication;
– break existing stereotypes and prejudices towards different cultures, traditions and views;
– inspire youngsters to become the volunteers and ambassadors of peace in their communities;
– involve the youth with fewer opportunities;
– promote the spirit of initiative and creativity;
– establish successful cooperation and long-lasting partnerships with partner organisations, volunteers and activists to continue and develop the collaboration in terms of Erasmus + programme and beyond.

For this project, we’ve selected the participants ensuring the gender balance and following the principles of inclusion and equity, from whom there were participants with the fewer opportunities, such as representatives of ethnic and religious minorities, youth with economic obstacles and unemployed youth, thus promoting principles of active participation and inclusion.

During the youth exchange, 30 youngsters with different social, national, cultural and religious backgrounds had an opportunity to take part in different non-formal educational activities, such as seminars, workshops, group discussions, simulation games, theatre plays, intercultural events and other activities and gain knowledge on how to prevent and combat xenophobia, racism and biases that lead to discrimination and exclusion, overcome common stereotypes and contribute to the formation of the critical thinking.

As one of the results of the project a blog was created to share the drafts of social actions, that participants created during the Youth Exchange in order to carry them out in their communities; share their articles containing thoughts, reflection, insights they’ve gained during the activity and their perception of the concept of peace. Please find the direct link to the blog: https://ptobblog.wordpress.com/

As for the youth organisations, this project helped them to have more qualified and motivated activists/volunteers and staff, strengthen cooperation with international partners, thereby enhancing an intercultural dimension of their activities.

This project was funded by: Erasmus + Programme of European Union

Contact person: Darja Rovba [email protected]

Composting campaign (“Kompostiljon”)

2015 – ongoing

Let’s Do It Foundation’s campaign to raise awareness about the benefits of composting in Estonia focuses on urban communities. People who live in urban areas often don’t realize that compositing is available or beneficial in an urban environment. Free composting workshops and lectures were held, and a free composting advice hotline was created. In addition, short instructional video clips were created that shows the benefits, common mistakes and simple tips for people interested in composting.

The campaign is helping to reduce residual waste and take Estonian society closer to circular economic models.

This project is supported by: Environmental Investment Centre and Bauhof Group AS

Contact person: Merilyn Oolo-Püi, [email protected]

Composting web (in Estonian)

Community based decision-making platform Citizen OS

2014 – ongoing

Let’s Do It Foundation initiated an e-decisionmaking platform. Citizen OS enables participative discussion and voting for groups, where getting everyone together into the same room or online at the same time is not an option. This initiative can help anyone who wants to start a discussion and make decisions from community groups, NGO members spread across the country, employees of multinational companies in different time zones and spontaneous citizen movements.

We are helping decision making bodies seamlessly implement e-decisionmaking and bring participative decision making into widespread use across Estonia and beyond. We consult, assist, test and adapt to other local and national systems.

This project is supported by: NGO Fund of EEA Grants through Open Estonia Foundation and Ahti Heinla
Contact person: Margo Loor, [email protected]

Citizen OS

Garbage Break (“Prügi VaheTund”)

2013 – ongoing

Garbage Break is an environmental education program coordinated by the Let’s Do It Foundation to promote sustainable consumption and environmentally friendly lifestyles among young people and children. The main target group of this project is 5th grade students (ages 11–12), but the projects success also depends on teachers.

Over 140 schools are being included across Estonia and thousands of students receive special instruction provided by trained Garbage Break volunteers. Study materials, competitions and games have been created to help children learn about how products are created, their environmental impact and how to waste less.

This project is supported by: Environmental Investment Centre, Producer Responsibility Organisation
Contact: Liina Kanarbik, [email protected]

Garbage Break Web (in Estonian)

The Story of Estonia’s Future (“Eesti Tulevikulugu”)

2013 – ongoing

Let’s Do It Foundation urges Estonian people to imagine Estonia in the year 2040. For this initiative, we have created an internet platform along with Estonian Public Broadcasting to facilitate brainstorming about life in Estonia in the future. The aim is to gather as many dreams and visions from as many Estonians as possible.

Based on the dreams and visions collected, Estonia’s creative thinkers (writers, artists, opinion leaders and others) work together to create a common vision – Estonia’s Future Story.

In this way, we hope to start a dialogue about what we need to implement now in order for this idealized vision of Estonia to be realized.

This project is supported by: Enterprise Estonia, Estonian Public Broadcasting, Festival of Opinion Culture
Contact: Eva Truuverk, [email protected]

The Story of Estonia’s Future (in Estonian)

Estonian Food Bank’s cents collecting campaign

2010 October – 2011 January

In support of Estonia’s Food Bank, Let’s Do It Foundation organized a coin collecting campaign in the supermarkets around the country. Donations were accepted during October 2010 through January 2011 in more than 800 different locations. Tens of thousands of people and 167 companies gave the coins they had in support of struggling families. In all, more than one million Estonian Krones was raised. The campaign was held during the time when Estonia was in the process of accepting and entering the Euro-zone. People were encouraged to donate the cents and coins instead of taking them to banks for conversion. The Let’s Do It Foundation team was in charge of coordinating the campaign and introducing the Food Bank to the wider audiences.

Project was supported by: Open Estonia Foundation
Contact: Nele Hendrikson, [email protected]

Estonian Food Bank

My Estonia think-tanks (“Minu Eesti mõttetalgud”)


Let’s Do It Foundation’s My Estonia nationwide brainstorming sessions (think-tanks) on the 1st of May 2009 brought together 12,000 participants. Together, people discussed how to improve their communities, from their neighbourhoods to the entire country. Results of the brainstorming session were made available in an online Idea Bank for everyone to read and comment. In time, the Deed Bank was opened, where one could see the ideas that had been formed into projects. As a result of this think-tank day, a number of workshops and sub-projects were completed.

This project was supported by: Ministry of Culture of Estonia, Estonian Ministry of Education and Research, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, The Information System Authority (RIA) of Estonia, National Audit Office of Estonia, the Government Office of Republic of Estonia, Ministry of the Interior of Estonia, Ministry of Social Affairs of Estonia, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia and several private companies. The full list of partners and supporters can be found here.

Contact: Eva Truuverk, [email protected]

My Estonia think-tanks