The ‘Keep It Clean’ journey

The upcoming Clean World Conference 2019, from 24-27 January in Tallinn, will see the next steps being taken in the ‘Keep It Clean’ journey towards a waste-free world.

The annual conference, which sees the inspirational and dedicated teams and partners from across our 168-country network come together to connect, learn, inspire and plan for a cleaner future, will focus in large part on the development of global and local Keep It Clean plans. Activities and workshops will allow country teams to establish their own unique blueprints for keeping their own countries waste-free, in collaboration with their citizens, civil society, businesses and public sector.

The diagram above sets out how the development of these plans will work, with each step feeding into the next.

1. The Keep It Clean Plan

The Keep It Clean Plan launched 16 September 2018, the day after our movement’s momentous World Cleanup Day action.

This document sets out the main principles and key concepts which Let’s Do It teams will build upon to develop the global and local plans.

2. Getting into details

This is the current stage of the process, during which members of the public all over the world can engage with the Keep It Clean Plan through a dedicated Citizen OS forum, and Let’s Do It teams worldwide are putting their heads together to discuss and brainstorm ideas for implementing the Keep It Clean Plan on a local level.

To add your stories, experiences, ideas and suggestions to discussions around the Keep It Clean Plan, visit the Citizen OS forum online here:

Citizen OS is a multi-functional e-democracy platform for petitions, board meetings, for gathering different opinions and voting within a large group, which grew out of the Let’s Do It movement.

3. Exploring possibilities

On day one of the Clean World Conference, participants will come together to generate ideas for possible actions in each of five broad themes within the Keep It Clean Plan:

  • Improving waste management on local level and working with municipalities
  • Influencing businesses to create less wasteful products
  • Influencing policy makers to create batter waste regulations and/or to make them actually work
  • Creating educational activities to change behaviour
  • Awareness campaigns (like World Cleanup Day) to draw attention to the waste problem

4. Next Steps

The main purpose of the second and third days of the conference will be to select from the many ideas and possible directions generated on the first day, to establish a more concise number of activities which will form the global focus of the movement in each of the five themes, and the local plans which Let’s Do It teams will work towards in their own countries or territories.

These local plans could cover all five themes, just a selection of them, or even just a single theme, depending on what is considered a feasible and effective path to take by local teams themselves.

Activities for are open to suggestions from conference participants, to allow members and partners of the movement to shape the process and guide the outcomes of the event.


Tips and suggestions for network members

To make sure your local team comes up with the best possible plan for local action to keep your environment clean, here are a few pointers:

  • Those attending the conference, be sure to read the Keep It Clean Plan thoroughly before coming along, and discuss it as widely as you can with your Let’s Do It team members, partners and other key opinion leaders.
  • Come up with some ideas for what to include in your local plan, so that you arrive at the conference already armed with some great actions you could take.
  • Think about which of the five themes are most relevant to you, as you will have the opportunity to participate in just two of these themes on the first day of the conference. You could use this as an opportunity to get to know more about themes you know little about, or to delve deeper into two which you think will be the best area of focus for your country.
  • If you’re not attending the conference yourself but would like to input, be sure to talk with your country team lead in advance, so they can feed your ideas in for you.