PRESS RELEASE: World Cleanup Day 2019 action date announced

The biggest civic action against waste will be taking place again next year. The Let’s Do It! movement happily announces that the next World Cleanup Day will be 21 September 2019.

The cleanup event brought out 17 million people this year, spanning 158 countries and temperature ranges from -10 degrees celsius in Canada to +48 degrees celsius in Iran. Organisers of the cleanups had to deal with the effects of six tropical cyclones and clean amidst ongoing wars, conflicts and unrest. Nevertheless, this proved to be the largest organised cleanup that has ever taken place in a timespan of 36 hours and, far from being exhausted, the organisers are already gearing up for a repeat.

“Our leaders everywhere across the globe are full of power to do it again next year. The cleanup events are a wonderful way to create immediate change, while also introducing the mismanaged waste issue and inspiring politicians, businesses and communities to implement steps toward lasting change,” said the head of the network team of Let’s Do It!, Heidi Solba.

The organising teams mobilized a staggering 7.7 million people in Indonesia, 3 million in Pakistan, 1.5 million in USA and 535,000 in Nepal for World Cleanup Day 2018. Several of the other participating countries managed to get out a significant amount of their population; Kosovo engaged 10.22% (195,000), Kyrgyzstan 7.2% (420,000), Bulgaria 5.8% (409,703) and the Bahamas 5.4% (18,000). More statistics can be explored here:

“We have seen that cleanups are an impactul first step in raising awareness around the issues of waste and resource management in the whole society. But the challenge is far from over – we need more awareness and more pressure on all parties who are able to impact the ways we design, produce, consume and recycle our goods. The problem is global and the solution therefore needs global effort. This is why we need to build up the momentum together, not separately,” said the head of communication for the Let’s Do It! movement, Tiina Urm.

The movement has devised a roadmap towards those necessary steps that need to be taken by governments, businesses, NGOs and individuals. The 30-page document is called the ‘Keep It Clean Plan’ and it’s a living document that the movement offers as a visionary document for anyone looking to play an active part in the change towards smarter resource management. The current ‘Keep It Clean Plan’ can be found here:

“The leaders and partners of our movement are gathering on 24-27 January in Tallinn for a Clean World Conference to look together into ways how we can create local and global impact. We’ll have practical workshops for teams who are organizing a cleanup action as well as working sessions around other possible joint actions inspired by ‘Keep It Clean Plan’. We are beyond excited about the possibilities that lay in our hands”, said one of the leaders of the Let’s Do It! movement, Anneli Ohvril. “We have started building a global team to organise World Cleanup Day 2019. All the people and organisations who want to join or support a global joint action are very welcome to get in touch and jump on board,” she added.


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