Kudos to Kosovo – 10% of the country gets active

New statistics from Let’s Do It Kosovo show that their team was the most successful in engaging its citizens to participate in World Cleanup Day activities and beyond, getting the highest percentage of citizens out to clean – a massive 10.78% of the country’s population: 195,000 people.

Let’s Do It Kosovo are a particularly active team within the Let’s Do It network, and are taking the huge problems of waste management and illegal dumping of trash very seriously. Cooperation with governmental departments has been at the forefront of their strategy and is leading to impressive results, thanks to much hard work and dedication from all involved.

The team used the momentum of World Cleanup to launch a 3-month campaign, ‘Let’s clean up Kosovo’, which ran from 15 September to 15 December. During this period in total, over 200,000 volunteers have participated, with 739 illegal dumpsite being removed so far.

One important further result of the campaign, is the success of Let’s Do It Kosovo in making environmental issues and waste management the main topic of debate in both governmental and non-governmental structures. ‘Let’s clean up Kosovo’, has grown to be the biggest national environmental campaign in a very short space of time.

A new waste management strategy has already been drafted and Kosovo has become quite a success story in this area, engaging such great numbers of citizens to make fast work of cleaning so many dumpsites, while at the same time raising public awareness about the importance of a clean environment.

The campaign was organised by the Government of Kosovo but implemented by Let’s Do It Kosovo. In order to ensure the success of this initiative, Kosovo’s Prime Minister created a task-force with 12 representatives from both governmental institutions and civil society, coordinated by the country’s Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning.

A further benefit of the campaign has been the creation of new green jobs in the country. A total of 70 local coordinators and 7 regional coordinators have been employed in the initiative.

The government will also employ monitoring inspectors, to ensure that Kosovo stays clean. The administrative instructions for mandatory fines have been created, with the new ‘Green Police’ due to start functioning in January 2019.

Related initiatives also include the funding of environmental projects by the government set to start next year, and the prohibition of using plastic bags which is due to be approved imminently.

Luan Hasanaj, leader of the Let’s Do It movement is extremely pleased with the success of their actions, saying: “Because of Let’s Do It, Kosovo has now become one of the cleanest countries in the region, with no more illegal dumpsites. I am very happy.”

This inspiring story is testament to the potential of the Let’s Do It movement as a positive force for good. Its beauty lies in the power of everyday people to achieve incredible things by joining together – cooperating, collaborating and building bridges between all levels of society.