Green-Books Bali – A Gift That Keeps Giving

One of the challenges in running a volunteer movement is finding the funds for the necessary equipment, facilities, materials and expenses which are involved. Writing proposal for foundations, approaching government and corporations can be extremely time consuming and involve highly specialised skills. Another valuable approach can be to reach out to friends and family to become your fundraisers. We can all learn by helping each other – so why not first support the worthy cause set up by some fantastic Let’s Do It movement members in Bali, Green-Books, and then try the same approach with your own project?

A Gift That Keeps on Giving

Special events, anniversaries, weddings and birthdays are a celebration where we appreciate our families, friends and loved ones in a personal way, often by giving gifts. Yet the greatest gift we have is the natural world, which gives us clean water, air, food and a sense of peace and wellbeing. provides a way in which to make your special day even more so, by asking friends to make a donation rather than give a physical gift. The money goes directly towards providing motivational rewards for eco-education centers:

The Five Benefits

  1. Your friends and family can give a meaningful gift with very little effort
  2. The money spent supports a great cause instead of buying unnecessary things
  3. Children in the eco-education centres get great eco-activities and access to environmental books
  4. Local coordinators will receive further education and become community changemakers
  5. The natural environment that will be treated with more respect as a result of this education

On their webpage you can find out more about this fundraising activity, as well as some examples about past and current fundraising platforms.

And check out this one-minute video explaining more about their work.

The Green-books back story is an NGO based out of Bali, Indonesia, from the initiative of the founder Petr Hindrich, who while travelling in Indonesia recognised the lack of education about the natural habitat among children, and so began to bring books with him on his surfing trips. 10 years later and now has its focus on training local community leaders to educate children about sustainability, waste management, the environment and permaculture.

Appreciation for nature and the creatures which call the forests, rivers and sea their home often begins during childhood. Learning about the environment and the eco-system at an early age creates a life-long relationship with the natural world. works with local community leaders who volunteer their services in order to teach Indonesian children about the natural world. Once a year they organise a paid trip for the most active community leaders to visit Bali and receive additional training. While Green-Books do not pay any salaries, they provide the following tools to the community leaders:

  • Water-filters and re-usable water bottles that enable volunteers to provide the children with fresh affordable drinking water, eliminating the need and expense of bottled water.
  • Tasini keychain bag made from recycled PET bottles.
  • Colourful books which the children love, explaining the nature which surrounds them.
  • Seeds which enable children to begin their own gardens and learn about organic farming.
  • Binoculars which bring children up close to the abundant birdlife and the forest habitat, incentivising them to protect the forest which is home to a huge variety of species – some become increasingly rare.
  • Training and skills-development.

Eco-Education Centres, is developing an eco-education curriculum for communities to develop community reliance, enabling self-sufficiency and educating children about the nature in Indonesia which is disappearing fast. In the time it took to read this more than a football pitch of ancient forest was removed by illegal logging. This grassroots initiative is active in over 100 communities.