10 weeks and counting – Clean World Conference 2019

Just 10 weeks away is a high point of the Let’s Do It calendar – the annual Clean World Conference, when the inspirational and dedicated teams and partners from across our 158-country network come together to connect, learn, inspire and plan for a cleaner future.

The number of participants has grown year-on-year – with almost 300 participants from more than 70 countries last year, and an expected 500 participants from more than 100 countries this year.

The conference will be hosted by long-standing member of the movement Kadi Kenk, alongside Colm Flynn – one half of the superhuman duo who presented our epic 24-hour non-stop live broadcast during World Cleanup Day. It will take place in Tallinn, Estonia – the birthplace of the Let’s Do It movement, from 24-27 January.

After the great success of World Cleanup Day which saw 17 million people taking part in 158 countries, the network will reflect on the success stories and learning points from that momentous event, and look ahead to the future – both of the planet, and of the movement itself.

Workshops, panels and activities will focus heavily on the Let’s Do It ‘Keep It Clean Plan’, allowing country teams to establish their own unique blueprints for keeping their own countries waste-free – in collaboration with their citizens, civil society, businesses and public sector.

Important questions about the future of the movement and associated organisation will also be discussed and decided collectively, to explore options for governance structures which will take this growing movement to a new level, and ensure even greater impact for a cleaner planet.

Tiina Urm, Head of Communications at Let’s Do It, says: “We have never been so experienced, diverse and powerful as a global family of doers, as we are now! This conference is a key moment in our movement’s history and in our planet’s future.

“We have made history with the world’s largest civic action against waste, but there’s so much more that we could do together, both locally and globally. It’s beyond exciting! Can’t wait to see all the amazing people in our network come together and lay out our plans for the future. Magic will happen.”

Attendees please note

A few points of information for country team leaders, team members and partners who are planning to attend:

  • Participants are responsible for arranging their own visa, as well as the transport to Tallinn and back.
  • Accommodation, food and local transport, will be covered for one participant from each of the 158 World Cleanup Day 2018 participating countries and territories.
  • The cost for all other participants will be 400€ per person to cover their food, accommodation and local transport during the conference.
  • Country team leaders have all received the invitation, to then circulate to their team. Team members who would like to attend should contact their team leaders. Team leaders who have not yet received their invitation, should contact Kirsike Kukk: [email protected].
  • Partners interested in attending should contact Merili Vares: [email protected]
  • Individuals with questions about the conference and how it will should contact Kirsike Kukk: [email protected].