The roll call of Ms Marietta A M Hopley reads like a Forbes listing of the world’s most influential people

An African Mother

She is juggernaut loaded with energy, enthusiasm, experience and no-nonsense, let’s get things done ethos. The roll call of Ms Marietta A M Hopley reads like a Forbes listing of one of the world’s most influential people. Let’s Do It! Ambassador for the African Continent, a respected entrepreneur and conservationist at heart, she is steering a number of successful portfolios. Accredited in International Public Relations, Transformation Management, Politics & Business Administration Graduate. She is the co-owner of three South African based businesses and a global board director of one of the largest and most successful Switzerland based investment finance groups. Yet what motivates Marietta beyond all else is the love for her daughter Mia-Rae and the drive to leave a better world for her. If she opens her mouth to sing a traditional African wedding song, the hairs on the back of your neck will rise and tears swell in your eyes. Recently at the Nigeria World Peace Summit, in her closing keynote address, Marietta had this to say:

I open my eyes, I try to take a breath of fresh air deep into my lungs, I look around me… Like our ever evolving world I have evolved with it. I close my eyes again my face, my hand palms facing up towards the sky…  I feel the doldrums of the thick air oh yes!!  I have seen…. now… for this intense moment I am hearing, smelling, feeling the senses of the environment on me, around me, in me. Yes I am alive, but … Mother Earth is barely alive she is suffering…. suffering the consequences of what human kind has orchestrated. I say it loud! When is enough enough, when do we say STOP. My deepest desire is to live in a trash free world, what legacy am I leaving for my child, my family,  the world.  I have arrived at the turning point as international environmental activist and business entrepreneur.  I shall stand up for what is right, take my God given talents and use every spare moment to spread the message of love, light and hope of a trash free world to all platforms of my networks and businesses.   From the poorest of the poor to the richest of the rich, to the top structures of legislative decision making in Governments…I shall be that servant to the world… I shall make that difference…

Decorated Veteran

Marietta facilitates investment support to large corporations to ensure humanitarian aid to war stricken areas to support communities affected by war. With an extensive background in combatting war and building bridges for peace, she is experienced in Defence and Humanitarian Support: Ex-Senior Officer of the South African Airforce (SAAF) and Joint Military Defence Head Office. Marietta received various medals and the Highest Military Merit Medal bestowed for exceptional high service.

Heads of State

Marietta has met and worked with various heads of state including Nelson Mandela, Fidel Castro, Yasser Arafat, Al Gore, President Clinton, President George Bush and Her Majesty the Queen of England. Consultant to Safety and Security, Defence and Environmental National Government portfolio committees. Working extensively as an experienced appointed war zone administrator she has visited war stricken areas rescuing animals and people in Syria, Iraq, Kabul, Afghanistan, Sudan and Congo. Awarded for Environmental Entrepreneurism and acting as a Senior Consultant to all spheres of Government in Policy and Global Logistics; in her capacity as Voting Member of International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), she deals with and drives motions applicable to biodiversity, climate change and other pressurising global environmental matters. She currently serves as director and member on the board of four different world-renowned non-profit organisations. These include:

  • Let’s Do It! World Appointed Ambassador for the African Countries
  • JCI South Africa Appointed Ambassador
  • Chairperson of the Board of Directors for the Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds (SANCCOB)
  • Founder of the Great White Shark Protection Foundation, now ex-chairperson after 13 years of being head of board
  • Director of the National Animal Welfare Task Team (NAWTT)
  • Chairperson of Cape Town based University Pre-Primary School, a subsidiary school of the University of Cape Town, where her six years old daughter Mia-Rae goes to school, her affection for children reflects in all her efforts to conserve the earth for a prosperous future. Her mission as Let’s Do It Ambassador: Engaging with African countries to encourage participation in the form of hundreds of cleanup actions throughout the continent; and inspiring unity for a clean and healthy Africa.

So hat’s off to Marietta, an African mother, a fighter and an inspiration, a beacon, and a lesson for us all, that we can always do more when it comes to the environment and the future of our children and our planet.