From Old Lions Spring Young Lionesses – Shiva My Father

Nepal is undergoing a huge transformation, this country of 26 million recently held their first local elections in 20 years where a record 14,000 women were elected out of a possible 35,041 seats. Leo Clubs have the aim of engaging young people to make positive changes in their community and are the youth organisation of The Lions Club. We met a youth leader, Parbati Kendal, at the Let’s Do It! Nepal event in 2017 and asked about her inspiration. This insightful and candid piece by a young Nepali woman shows a glimpse of a changing world, challenging views of the prism of the west. And also a reminder that young women all around the world are finding a voice, engaging in grassroots activism and there are many roads and partners participating in the World Cleanup Campaign 2018.

Harmonised and Cooperative

At the age of fourteen he married his first wife. Life with her was fascinating and conjugal, although after the birth of their third child his beloved wife started suffering from an illness. At the time no one believed in doctors, and of course the low availability of qualified doctors was the reason. So rather than going to a doctor they visited dhami jhakri (witch doctor). But there was no improvement noticeable. And as every relative had decided to take a second wife, they thought that all this had happened due to him not marrying another woman. Polygamy was flourishing everywhere at this time, thus he married my mom at the age of forty. He is such a powerful man that both wives remained together for at least twenty years. While it was sometimes a struggle, they never looked at each other with jealousy. All our family members are well harmonized and cooperative.

Heaven of the God Shiva

My father is such a determined person, he always fulfilled his inner desire by hook or by crook. But his desire is never for himself but for the welfare of our village. He made certain commitments, such as he will never horde his mustard, never bath with soap, never comb his hair, etc. until the village was converted into heaven in his view. There was never any bridge to connect the two village, there was no school nearby, no temple to worship in, a scarcity of clean drinking water, and no decent roads. After he made his commitment, he made all these impossible infrastructure needs become a reality. So he named the village Shivapuri meaning ‘Heaven of the God Shiva.’  After that he became a great leader in many fields with the support of a large number of villagers. He took charge of managing drinking water, roads, forest conservation and development, the temple, school, and the whole ward.

Devoted to Social Work

My father won the title of Upa Pradan under the Panchayat system. He never thinks of his own well-being nor of our family because he is devoted to social work, he is a true and loyal social worker. He is devotee of God. So he believes God is everything. He trusts that God will help him to get through any situation. He is a man of faith. Most of the people in Gulmi know him and not only in the Gulmi district, he is also famous around different districts a truly industrious and hardworking man. Though he is not innovative he is an early adopter of something new happening in the field of agricultural. He took the risk to grow new crops, fruits, medicinal herbs, trees, etc. and also rare livestock only to find out if the climate is beneficial or not. Nowadays he grow teak (a special plant that is more economic) in half of the fields and medicinal herbs like serpetine, kurilo, etc. are also planted in three of the fields. He never likes to sell his ancestral property, nor will he keep any land barren. He studied Sanskrit not English, and can read and write in Nepali and Saskrit, while he has zero knowledge of English, he still understands the importance of English, so he enrolled us in an English speaking boarding school.