Honourable national recognition for Let’s Do It! Kosovo

When you have your heart on the right place and you do your thing relentlessly the prizes will come as well. Let’s Do It! Kosova received a prize for Promoting Civic Activism and Volunteering in Kosovo.

This prize that is given in Kosovo for the volunteer of the year, through a project of ‘Democracy for Development’ supported from British Embassy in Kosovo and George Williams Youth Association.

“Actually this has been a great surprise for us, since we don’t know the group ocxf people who have nominated us for the prize and we hope we will find out soon, so we can thank them,” sain  Luan Hasanaj who is the proud Leader of Let’s Do It! Kosovo

The highlighted reason for the won prize was stated to be the longterm dedication for doing waste cleanup events all around Kosovo since 2012, organizing awareness campaigns without stoping anytime.

The prize was the main given by the British Ambassador in Kosovo Mr. Ruarii O’Connell.