Let’s Do It! volunteers from 12 countries were testing the waste mapping app

Volunteers from 12 countries helped develop the global waste mapping app by testing it in real life this May and June. A total of 352 people tested the app and mapped 703 waste points.

“The first pilot mapping was conducted in Afghanistan, where our volunteers did a remarkable job despite some techincal difficulties,” said Kristiina Kerge, the project manager of the Let’s Do It! waste mapping app. “The pilot proved that a sound network and regular mapping guarantees high quality data of the region’s waste situation,” she added. Take a look Romania on the waste map for example! The pilot mapping provided crucial directions to the app’s further development, underlining the need for a robust tool that works seamlessly in any part of the world.

“We need make sure the app is usable in areas where cellular data is very expensive, or where charging the phone might become a challenge due to electricity outages” Kerge explained. “These are valuable insights to our developers and we are working on these issues already.”

Next pilot mappings to further test and develop the app will continue with smaller groups, country leaders of the chosen areas will be informed by September. World Cleanup app will be officially launched September 15th 2017.

“The main goal of our next pilot is to play through the end-to-end process of World Cleanup Day in a few small and geographically limited areas. Also, we will use several illegal waste mapping, clean-up and sorting apps in order to test how to combine the data to the World Waste Platform. And as we will run the pilots over each area at least twice we can use the data to build scientific models on what are the best ways to reduce the waste problem,” explained Kadri Maripuu responsible for pilot mappings.

World Cleanup app has been developed by QUALITANCE, a global technology and innovation firm with offices in Bucharest, San Francisco and Sydney, and DUX, a design studio in Tallinn, Estonia. Special thanks to the team of Let’s Do It! Romania!

Founded in 2007, QUALITANCE has been awarded the Best Romanian Tech Company in 2016. Making people’s lives easier and healthier has always been one of their ambitions. This is why they embraced right away the opportunity to build the testing waste mapping app and bring a social contribution to the world.

DUX is a small team of designers focused on bringing a great user experience to digital products. They help solve problems and refine processes. Working together with enthusiastic clients on ambitious projects that can actually impact the world is what they thrive on, which is why working together with the Let’s Do It team has been such a great cooperation.