Let’s Do It! Mentorship Program – Who Mentors the Mentors?

Paul Emmet, one of the mentors of Let’s Do It! Mentorship Program reports from Tirana, Albania where mentors from different countries gathered with the aim of improving sharing the know-how and best practices within the Let’s Do It! movement.

Paul Emmet, Mentor of the Let’s Do It! Mentorship Program

Perched on a hilltop, nestled in behind the looming mountains on the outskirts of Tirana city, the capital of Albania, gather the Let’s Do It! World mentor team. Our aim, to develop and build the ‘Fellowship’, a collection of international activists with extensive experience in cleanup campaigns who will mentor the Country Leaders, the lifeblood of our organisation/movement.

The combined experience of hundreds of cleanups involving millions of people will be distilled, articulated and effectively communicated for the Leaders Academy, for those brave souls who will mobilise 5% of their countries’ population for World Cleanup Day Sept 15th 2018.

Facilitators Katrin and Nara have prepared an extensive and intense programme for the mentors. Combining physical, mental and mindful exercises and activities to draw out the essence of each person’s commitment and contribution. Understanding oneself and ones teammates is key to building on the individual strengths and enabling the mentor team to impart the knowledge, best practice and mental stamina to the leaders to enable them to function optimally.

In order to experience success we also have to go through failure

Nara as one of the main instigators of Let’s Do It! Slovenia, who currently have a record 14% participate in cleanups and one of the fastest growing Zero Waste networks in Europe, is a familiar face. Frequently facilitating at the Clean World Conference as well as the Leaders Academy his thoughtful, fun yet highly practical approach provides a model for the mentors to reflect upon internally as well as implement in the real world. Visioning forms a key part of his approach, understanding the journey which Country Leaders will be going on and providing key support at their most vulnerable moments, the message – in order to experience success we also have to go through failure. Embrace the combination in order to actualize oneself as a leader, and be the inspiration, generating the patience, courage and perseverance necessary to get 380 million people cleaning up on one day.  Happy mentors make happy country leaders, and issues bubbling under can surface and be resolved in a dynamic positive and safe environment. There is a lot to take in.

Katrin is an international facilitator working in universities and with top international companies. Her down to earth approach conveys the importance of awareness about oneself motivation, transference of attitudes and abilities and methods to gain access to the drive and commitment deep within that can ripple through the organisation.

I an addition the Head of Network Development & Support of Let’s Do It! World Heidi Sloba fields questions on behalf of the core team, providing valuable updates on the activities, strategy and new partnerships Let’s Do It! World is cementing and using to make the Clean World dream a reality.

In the European mentor team event, activists from Albania, Kosova, Estonia, Sweden, Germany, Slovenia, Croatia, Tunisia, UK, USA, Ukraine and Switzerland are represented. An international powerhouse of determination, knowhow and leadership. As the mentorship programme expands with the network, the organisation becomes stronger and the support systems and repositories of knowledge grow. The mentors network are a formidable team, supporting, encouraging and challenging one another to provide the best possible service for the Country Leaders. Together we are strong, individually we can make a difference. Knowledge of oneself is key and keeping the channels open, embracing change, communicating, we can remain positive in the face of new challenges on the route as we scale the mountain.

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