Estonian Sports Organisations Come to Support World Cleanup Day

On the 21st of March, five influential Estonian organisations active in advancing sports and health movements, signed a Statement of Intent for the support of World Cleanup Day, to be taking place 15th September 2018.

World Sport Volunteer Movement SCULT, Estonian Health Tracks, Estonian Bodybuilding and Fitness Association, Estonian Football Association and Estonian Athletes Association signed a ‘Statement of Intent’ in Tallinn, at the Audentes sports centre, thus committing to spread the message of World Cleanup Day on the 15th of September 2018 and help to carry out its ambitions.

From the left: President of Estonian Bodybuilding and Fitness Association Ott Kiivikas, Head of Estonian Health Tracks Alo Lõoke, Head of Partnerships of Let’s Do It Foundation Kadi Kenk, Secretary General of Estonian Football Association Anne Rei, Vice President of Estonian Olympic Comittee and Head of Estonian Athletes Association Jüri Tamm, and World Sport Volunteer Movement leader Ott Pärna after signing the Statement of Intent.


World Cleanup Day is the outcome of a massive volunteer initiative, pioneered in Estonia in 2008, when 50 000 volunteers cleaned up 10 000 tonnes of illegal waste in just five hours.

The idea quickly caught on and has since spread globally, having grown into a network of 113 countries and over 17 million people, who have collected altogether over 500 000 tonnes of illegal waste.

To bring about a social change, an active participation of about 5% of the population is needed. With the help of partners, World Cleanup Day hopes to engage 300-400 million people in 150 countries.

Before the big global cleanup, the signatories call for Estonians to join the annual Let’s Do It action day in their communities this May 6. 

World Cleanup Day is internationally supported by the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs from the Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid Fund, the Estonian Ministry of the Environment, Estonia 100, Tallink, Skype, DHL Estonia and globally coordinated by a coalition of partners Let’s Do It Foundation, ISWA, JCI and BBDO Zavod.



Head of Estonian Health Tracks Alo Lõoke 

People are born to move and the best is to do it in the nature. Clean nature is what we wish to sustain in our over 100 health tracks in Estonia. A need for cleanups remains until everyone has learned to behave in the nature. Ambition to engage other countries in the custom of cleanups is welcomed and also sends the message, that when we are visited from elsewhere, people would know to cherish our nature and see what is behind the tree.

Vice President of Estonian Olympic Committee and Head of Estonian Athletes Association Jüri Tamm

Ruthless competition in sports and everyday life threatens to overlook relationships between people and make them encapsulated in their own closed world their personal well-being or worries. The aim of athletes joining the ‘World Cleanup Day’ initiative is to encourage and support the efforts on dealing with environmental problems. Such an obligation also stands in our bible – The Olympic Charter. Where there is more cooperation, there are more success stories. A cleanup campaign means first and foremost the changing of behavioural culture. Athletes are used to be role models, let’s do it now too. 

Secretary General of Estonian Football Association Anne Rei

We see that on any field of life, we should be thinking of how to make life better in Estonia and in the world. I remember well the time when A.Le.Coq Arena (the biggest football stadium today), was just a wasteland, where people were used to dumping their trash. By fixing every area like this and bringing positive activities there, we help to change people’s attitude towards their living environment. 

World Sport Volunteer Movement leader Ott Pärna

Sport and health movements rely first and foremost on volunteers – the sports clubs and events and health tracks and infrastructure alike. This is why we are committing to support the success of one the biggest civic movements started in Estonia with all our council and power we have. 

President of Estonian Bodybuilding and Fitness Association Ott Kiivikas

You do not need any particular motivation or make a huge effort to go along with something as natural as taking care of your surroundings. We keep our homes in order, why not roll up your sleeves and fix the surroundings of your sports clubs or home and make the world a better place just like that. 

Head of Partnerships of Let’s Do It Foundation Kadi Kenk

Year 2018 is important in many ways. For Estonians, it is our country’s 100th birthday, but it is also important for the global sports community. We will be witnessing the XXIII Olympic Games and the FIFA Football World Cup. ‘World Cleanup Day’ is already in the Estonia 100 birthday calendar, now we are also teaming up with local sports organisations. This example is hopefully followed by similar organisations in other countries to help us make a step closer to a cleaner world. 



Let’s Do It Foundation