Change the Date! World Cleanup Day on 15.09.2018!

Calendars out! The date of World Cleanup Day 2018 has changed. The world’s biggest positive action to rid our planet of waste will take place on the 15th of September 2018.

Are you on board? Let’s organize the biggest cleanup action in history on 15th of September 2018!

The event for World Cleanup Day will be exceptional for two reasons. For one, for the first time in history, all the world’s trash will be visualized on one global world waste map and secondly, 5% of every community is called out to participate in cleaning it up. “Changing the date eases cooperation between different partners and helps more social groups to be engaged in making the waste spots on the map disappear, the Head of Partnerships of World Cleanup Day,” Kadi Kenk explains why the date of the World Cleanup Day was changed to 15th of September.

Nicholas J. Mallos, Director of Trash Free Seas from Ocean Conservancy, commented on the change of date: “Our collective efforts can create a one-of-a-kind global event that builds on the foundation established by our network of Cleanup partners while leveraging the extraordinary organizing abilities of Let’s Do It!’s global community. Aligned around our common objective, we are confident the 2018 Cleanup will remove unprecedented amounts of trash, generate critical data to inform policies, and inspire billions of people around the world, ” now affirmative that Ocean Conservancy is on board on the 15th of September 2018.

Rachel Brown, Corporate and External Relations Manager of JCI, one of the members of the coalition for World Cleanup Day comments: “From JCI’s perspective, we believe the new date of September 15 could be a good lead-up to the International Day of Peace and connecting the Global Goals and Peace Day.”

It’s about cooperation!

Holding the World Cleanup Day 2018 on the third weekend of September leverages the efforts of organisations, institutions, responsible citizens and activists who have been committing to cleaning together with International Coastal Cleanups, Clean Up the World, Surfriders and others. All the aforementioned have decades-long tradition of mobilising people around that time. Global communication planned around World Cleanup Day will reinforce all of these groups’ activities and create new community activism which there so far has been a lack of.

And as over 23% of the world’s population is Muslim, engaging in cleanup actions on the third weekend of September will be much easier for Islam adherents who are celebrating the arrival of Islamic new year on September 10, 2018. It will also be enough time apart from the annual pilgrimage (that nearly 2 million Muslims take every year to Mecca).

World Cleanup Day is a coalition to rid the world of trash and stop illegal waste streams entering our nature. Every organization, company, government and local citizen is invited on the 15th of September 2018, to mobilise and join forces with each other for one goal – a clean world. “Because what happens after that, relies on the willingness and ability of all sectors of society to collaborate and initiate a change to keep our planet clean,” added Kadi Kenk.

Become involved!

You can become a partner, a donor, a national cleanup campaign leader or simply sign up to follow the developments of the event over at