The President of Estonia to Speak at the Panel Discussion of Let’s Do It! Conference

The President of Estonia, Mrs. Kersti Kaljulaid will participate in the Let’s Do It! conference “Connecting Heroes” and join other prominent panelist in discussion “When the World is drowning in waste – whose problem is it?”. The conference will take place in Tallinn, Estonia, on the 26th–29th of January.

Attention! New date for the World Cleanup Day 2018 is 15th of September (ed: 22.02.2017)!

The panel discussion will be streamed live on Facebook on the 27th of January at 14:10 EET. Visit the conference page here.

When the World is drowning in waste – whose problem is it?

What is the essence of change? How do we change our world and our communities to make a better place for all of us? And if so, whose “job” is it to initiate changes that affect the behaviour and values of the society? Let’s Do It! is all about the change in behavioural patterns and attitudes.

Let’s Do It! movement has witnessed many stories of positive change in different countries. At the same time, the world waste problem is out of control, we are consuming more than ever, and producing more waste than ever. The question is, who should take the leadership in cleaning up our planet and end the waste pollution? Can we address the scale of the problem and turn it around? What is the role of government, business and non-profit organisations? Why haven’t we still solved the problem? What’s been stopping us, and how do we move faster towards real solutions?

The panel discussion will be attended by prominent and respected leaders from various fields.
Panel discussion participants:
  • Mrs. Kersti Kaljulaid, President of Estonia (on the photo)
  • Mr. Antonis Mavropoulos, the founder and CEO of D-Waste and the President of International Solid Waste Association (ISWA).
  • Mr. Jeff Kirschner, the founder of Litterati (online community identifying, mapping, and collecting the world’s litter)
  • Mrs. Asher Jay, National Geographic Emerging Explorer, UN Women Design Star