What’s Up, Argentina?

On November 19th, 70 activists in Argentina cleaned up a kilometer of the river Rio de la Plata’s coast. 250 kg of solid waste was collected during the clean-up, with 108 kg directed to recycling.
“4 kg of bottle caps were sent to the animal refugee center Perritos de Ciudad Evita (Ciudad Evita´s Little Dogs) where they sell the caps to raise funds to improve animal sanitation in poor neighbourhoods,” reported Vamos a Hacerlo Argentina (Let’s Do It! Argentina). We contacted Mauro Borsella from Let’s Do It! Argentina to talk about goals, inspirations and collaborations.

Mauro Borsella (centre right) . Photo: Let's Do It! Argentina

Mauro Borsella (centre right) . Photo: Let’s Do It! Argentina

Your three essentials of a successful clean-up:

First of all, involve the community. Get in touch with the municipal staff and media (especially radio, our Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, and others NGOs, also TV stations). We start from our media pages and get contacts with others committed partners.

How was your this year’s clean-up different from the previous ones?

We’ve had four successful coastal cleaning campaigns this year already, but this time the people´s response has been amazing, and the media’s as well. This is something that we have never experienced before. We have also had help from the political sector: many different politicians have come to us to try to get involved. Of course this is important for them, the “green marketing” but, putting that on the side, it´s a huge help for us.

Your recipe for getting back in the saddle when feeling tired, unmotivated and/ or hopeless?

Our main goal is September the 8th. That’s what’s on our minds. We are fuelled by continuous innovations and finding ways to communicate them. People need and want to know about what is going on in the world, and what they participate to make it a better place to live.

How is your team preparing for the World Cleanup Day in 2018?

We´re now getting in touch and trying to make an alliance with several key NGOs in Argentina, and national JCI Chapters. In 2017 our media coverage will be huge, at least that’s what we’re aiming for.

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By Helena Läks, Let’s Do It! Newsletter team