What’s Up, Macedonia?

Macedonia had their national clean-up on the 1st of October. How did it go? What else is going on? Macedonian Team Leader Blazhe Josifovski in the spotlight.

Your three essentials of a successful clean-up.

The most important things are: well organised team, good planning, and good campaigning.

How is your this year’s clean-up different from the previous one(s)?

This year we put our focus on the involvement of a great number of civic organisations and their members in the clean up. This provided a very powerful tool for a successful clean up. The civic organisations gave the clean up a lot of enthusiasm and great amounts of waste were cleaned.

Blazhe Josifovski (back row, centre). Photo: Let's Do It! Macedonia.

Blazhe Josifovski (the tallest guy in the back row). Photo: Let’s Do It! Macedonia.

Your recipe for getting back in the saddle when feeling tired, unmotivated and hopeless?

We get motivated by working as a team. That is essential for a successful clean up. And of course, we are always motivated when we see how we change peoples’ minds and perceptions about waste. We as a country are used to living in a polluted environment. Our activities change this bad idea that we can’t change the disgusting picture of a polluted environment in Macedonia.

How is your team preparing for the World Cleanup Day in 2018?

We are now starting the process of our strategic planning that should give us a clear vision of where we want to go, strengthen our team, and motivation. But, most of all, will provide us with organisational development. We need to be ready for the huge challenge of cleaning the world on September 8th.

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By Helena Läks, Let’s Do It! Newsletter team