A Network of 90 NGOs Demand a Future Free from Plastic Pollution

A groundbreaking new global vision for a future free from plastic pollution has been released today by a network of 90 NGOs. The vision lays out 10 principles with the ultimate goal being ‘a future free from plastic pollution’. It represents the first step in a global movement to change society’s perception and use of plastics.

Scientists predict that without urgent action there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050, threatening marine biodiversity and posing a risk to human health. Yet, despite the danger that plastic pollution poses to our planet and to human well-being, governments and industry have so far failed to face up to the systemic change required to solve the issue.

At the European level, the development of the Circular Economy Package and the EU Strategy on Plastics present a major opportunity to fundamentally tackle the use of plastic and prevent the creation of plastic waste. This cannot be done without policy makers addressing the full life-cycle of plastics from oil extraction and design, to end-of-life.

“This is the first time that groups from all around the world have come together to find a common solution to the problem of plastic pollution. It is the beginning of a movement which will lead to governments, cities and companies taking major action to tackle this ever-growing problem” said Delphine Lévi Alvarès, Zero Waste Europe policy officer and coordinator of the European plastics alignment process.

European governments and multinationals need to face up to their responsibility for driving the irresponsible use of plastics and for the resulting environmental damage around the world, which often most affects the most vulnerable globally. It is clear that without strong and coordinated effort and impetus by policy makers, businesses will continue to use plastic indiscriminately and the pollution will intensify.

The NGOs below call on the European Commission and Member States to strive for ambitious policy changes to lead the way to a future free from plastic pollution.

See the vision statement in video and read more about the project

Press Contact:
Delphine Lévi Alvarès
Zero Waste Europe
+32 478 71 26 33
[email protected]

List of European Signatories: 

  • ChemTrust (UK)
  • European environmental citizen’s organisation for standardisation
  • Ecologists without borders (Slovenia)
  • Environmental Investigation Agency
  • European Environmental Bureau
  • Fauna & Flora International
  • Federation for a Better Environment (Flanders)
  • Friends of the Earth Europe
  • Health and Environment Alliance
  • Health Care Without Harm Europe
  • Humusz (Hungary)
  • Let’s Do It! World
  • Marine conservation society (UK)
  • Plastic Change (Danemark)
  • Plastic Soup Foundation (Netherlands)
  • Surfrider Foundation Europe
  • Seas At Risk
  • Surfers against sewage (UK)
  • Trash Hero World
  • Zero Waste Europe
  • Zero Waste France (France)