Bulgarian Let’s Do It! Actions Are Making History

Let’s Do It! Bulgaria’s (Да изчистим България) 150 000 volunteers happily reported a positive trend in 2016, cleaning up only 4 985 tons of trash in May, half of the previous year’s 10 460. The cities of Sofia, Burgas and Veliko Tarnovo achieved “cleanest” status.

A boy cleaning up litter in Bulgaria. Photo: Let's Do It! Bulgaria

A boy cleaning up litter in Bulgaria. Photo: Let’s Do It! Bulgaria

Using the folk charm of “lion-woman” talisman Zelenko Zelenkov to engage volunteers, approximately 8000 people concentrated on protected areas in nature parks and reserves. Notably, a number of regions, including the “Byalata reka” area surrounding Dragalevtsi monastery in the mountainous “Vitosha” national park, and “Shipka” preserved the clean condition achieved during the “National Cleanup Day” initiative during the last couple of years – another encouraging trend. Tourism areas and recreational areas also saw cleanup efforts this year.

Three regions in the country attracted over 10 000 volunteers. For the first time, Ruse was the leader with 10 637 people, followed by 10 622 volunteers in Plovdiv and 10 491 in Silistra.  Groups from 920 schools including Plovdiv and Pazardzik joined in, as well as 450 NGOs, the most active from Sofia and Targovishte; 2030 companies also took part in the cleanup.

Since the initial Let’s Do It! Bulgaria campaign in 2012, more than 1 3555 000 volunteers have supported cleanup efforts, collecting 82 000 tons of garbage and eliminating more than 7300 unregistered dumping grounds. Thus in Bulgaria, a total 82 000 tons of trash gathered during the annual clean up events have saved Bulgaria about 180 million Euros and 24 years of work of institutions.

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Edited by Peg Oetjen