Let’s Do It! Eastern Co-op Countries Launched a Crowdfunding Campaign to Support the Organisation of a Regional Conference

Let’s Do It! Eastern Co-op Countries (Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Russia, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and Belarus) are asking for your help to organise a regional conference and share the best practices. The aim – to get all these countries “pimped up” in the most positive way – empower civic society and solve the trash problem. 

We rely on YOUR support! We would really appreciate it if you could contribute financially -– check the cool perks that we’ve prepared for our supporters following the campaign link!  As always, every bit helps! Check out the campaign here!


We want to develop the project in these countries, establish strong partnerships between the existing teams in the region and recruit new ones, educate activists and share experience. Therefore, Let’s Do It! Ukraine with the support of Let’s Do It! World is organising an international and regional conference, which will be held in Kiev from November, 26th–29th (https://www.facebook.com/letsdoitconferencekiev2015).

Ukraine brought out about half a million people to a clean-up day this April and is now keen in sharing experiences to empower civic society and the steps for a clean world also in other countries. You can help to make that happen by sharing the crowdfunding campaign and supporting the conference where best practices will be shared.

These countries share a common history, traditions, language (since many of the residents speak Russian) and have the same problems with waste management. The current conditions arising concern the preservation and distribution of resources and the transition of the countries of the region to a market economy solution where environmental issues are vital.

Ukraine on the verge of a change

“Ukraine is on the verge of change, people are tired of war and longing for peace, they want to live in a clean European country, the youngsters want the future generation to grow up in better conditions, that meet the needs of citizens of the modern world! In order to draw the attention of the public, government and business to environmental problems we decided to organise this conference in Ukraine,” says Yulia Markhel, the head of Let’s Do It! Ukraine and a coordinator of the conference.

2015 was very successful for the Ukrainian team as they’ve shown the great results in their clean-up campaign that united 500 000 people – a record number of participants for the country. “We will be fighting for the right to host the annual Let’s Do It! Clean World Conference 2017 in Ukraine. Therefore, this conference is a kind of preparatory project for us.”


Campaign launched to support the organising of the conferences

To raise some funds and get more attention to the region a crowdfunding campaign has been launched – http://igg.me/at/letsdoitconferencekiev2015. This campaign is experimental for the network but the team truly believes in their goal and is ready to try something new to meet the goals.

Alexandra Maximova, the Head of Let’s do it! Russia explains: “For me, the union of the Eastern Co-op Countries is a significant step on the way to a Clean World. The number one priority for me is the building of a joint action plan for 2016–2018, which will help each country of the region to develop the project at home, and by 2018 attract 5% of the population for a global one-day clean-up. We plan to create a common database – a calendar of events, a map, instructions, and a single platform to share news about our countries and other participants of the Let’s Do It! movement – we will discuss these things at the conference.”

The conference is enriching for everyone

Prior to uniting the countries of our region, we asked activists of the country teams to tell us if they think that such a union would be beneficial for them. One of the responses was very inspiring: “The world in which we live is a closed space, where everything is connected. If I pick up trash the Earth becomes cleaner. Experience sharing and joint actions are enriching for everyone. For example, try retelling the most simple and obvious concepts for you to other people and you will realise that due to the difference in perception we all live in completely different worlds. Therefore, the world is full of ideas, views and opinions. And it’s very important, especially now, to unite, to share, to communicate, to help, to evolve. The Earth is our’s.  We must learn to love, cherish and protect it together.”

Let’s join our actions in becoming a part of the “5% club”

By launching this crowdfunding campaign, we hope to raise some money to fund the conferences. Being members of the friendly Let’s Do It! family, we rely on the support of our network.

We kindly ask you to share the campaign link – http://igg.me/at/letsdoitconferencekiev2015 in your social networks, send it to the people you think may be interested and just spread the word. Let us join our actions and so that every one of us would become a part of the world-changing 5%!

Follow our news and progress on the campaign’s Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/letsdoitconferencekiev2015 – don’t forget to put a “thumbs up” as well.


By Darja Rovba, Regional Сoordinator of Eastern Co-op Countries