Greece and Cyprus are organising countrywide cleanups this Sunday!

Greece and Cyprus are cleaning up their countries from illegal waste with the help of tens of thousands of volunteers on the 6th of April in the framework of the international civic led project Let’s Do It! World Cleanup 2014.

It is estimated that there is about 100 million tons of illegal garbage laying around the Earth. The waste from cities alone is enough to fill a line of garbage trucks 5,000 kilometres long every day. The global cost of dealing with all this trash is rising rapidly (The World Bank). The goal of the “Let’s Do It!” grassroots network is to initiate positive change both locally and globally, working towards a clean, healthy and waste-free world.

Greece and Cyprus are the first countries to clean up tons of illegal waste in April. Ukraine, Bulgaria, Croatia, Latvia, Bosnia and Herzegovina will also have country cleanups bringing thousands of volunteers together this month. Eight cleanup actions in seven different countries have already taken place within the past two months. Cleanup actions took place in Colombia, Belgium, Oman, Luxembourg, Slovakia, Austria and in Canada, uniting thousands to take civic action to clean their communities.

Greece has seen a constant growth in volunteers since the start of the country cleanup campaign in 2012, when Greece became one of many countries to join the World Cleanup campaign. In 2012, 20,000 people came out to clean up illegal waste, and last year 35,000 people took part in a one day country cleanup.

“Unfortunately we have quite a bit of a problem with waste management in Greece, especially with illegal dump sites. This is something that many of our participating organisations fight against and we’re starting to see a change. For example, on Samos Island they’re cooperating with a recycling company to gather and recycle all illegally disposed of vehicles from the island in our cleanup day,” comments Xaris Vlassopoulus, one of the leaders of Let’s Do It! Greece.

“Our rough estimations suggest at least 300 cleanups will take place across the country on the 6th of April. We reached 1000 participating organisations, such as schools, municipalities and so on. We are hoping to involve about 50.000 volunteers this year,” says Vlassopoulus.

According to Vlassopoulus, the public has embraced the campaign. “We think that’s mainly because we try to, at all times, emit only positive energy which is something the people need. Companies and local TV channels are now willing to support us. More importantly, the organisations and municipalities who were with us from the first year in 2012 have now become our hard-core supporters,” Vlassopoulus gladly says.

The movement “Let’s Do It!” was born in 2008 in a European country called Estonia, when around 50,000 people came together to remove 10,000 tons of illegal garbage in just five hours. Under normal circumstances it would have taken the government three years and 22,500,000 Euros to clean up the same amount of illegal garbage, but it was done for 500,000 euros and in only one day.

By today, almost 200 different cleanup actions have taken place, engaging a total of more than nine million volunteers in 111 countries. The countries participating in Let’s Do It! actions’ can be seen here: and upcoming cleanup dates can be seen here:

The Let’s Do It! World movement is supported by the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs from the Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid fund, the Open Estonia Foundation, Skype, Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group, QlikView, Tallink Group, DHL Estonia, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Estonian Air, Meedius Estonia and EuroPark Estonia.

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