Volunteers will join forces for cleanups in September

More than 100 countries have already joined The worldwide civic led action Let’s Do It! World Cleanup. Many countries have chosen September as the best month to carry out their cleanup days, many are designed as trial runs prior to the Mediterranean Sea cleanup on the 10th of May 2014.

Test cleanups are carried out in order to attract the attention of as many people as possible and are held for example in Croatia, Slovenia, France and Sweden.

Slovenia is planning to cleanup 3-4 beaches during “Čista obala 2013”, referring to cleaning the coast. The cleanup will take place on the 21st of September.  “It is not just a cleanup, but also includes waste composition data gathering,” said team member of Lets Do It Slovenia! Jaka Kranjc.

According to Kranjc everyone is welcome to join the cause and help out, and at this point it is difficult to estimate how many people will participate in the cleanup of the beaches. “Shores are the windows into our seas and clearly show our mistreatment. Let’s change that,” said Kranjk.

Greece will have an underwater and beach cleanup in Vathirema on the 15th of September. “It is a beautiful remote cove with lots of plastic bottles and all sorts of debris on the beach,” said Let’s Do It! Mediterranean spokesman Robert Hall.

According to Hall every person can make a difference by their personal actions and can influence their immediate surroundings in a positive direction. “The cleanup is of course a concrete hands-on action – a healthy environment and clean sea are critical for our well-being. I think the message of peace so greatly needed in the Mediterranean Basin right now should not be discounted”.

In Romania cleanup actions have taken place for three years in a row, this year it is happening on the 28th of September. “Up to this point we have had more than 650 000 volunteers helping out and we have collected 150 000 bags of garbage.  This year the objective is to recycle over 40% of what we gather,” said PR officer of Let’s Do It! Romania Anca Banita.

According to Banita another aim is to develop a national network of NGOs throughout the entire country and to launch a national reporting system for tracking garbage, which will act as an interface between the authorities and citizens.

On the 14th of September there will be a cleanup day in Hungary organised by the Ministry of Rural Development and National Waste Management Agency. The focus will be put on the surroundings of the populated area.  “Our aim is not only to work together for a cleaner Hungary, but also to raise awareness of why to keep it clean – that’s what our organisers are focused on communicating more actively this year. Already more than 50 000 participants have registered before September, so we hope for a new record,” said Lets do it Hungary spokesperson Sztarenszky Magdolna.

In France there will be a test cleanup on the 15th of September. “We are going to clean a French river not far from the sea using a team in kayaks. This will be our first cleanup using boats,” said spokesperson for Lets Do It! France Julien Gee. According to Gee more than 10 000 people are estimated to participate in the cleanup action.

In Russia cleanup action Lets Do It 2013! takes place on the 14th of September. “Our wish is to gather enough garbage so people would realise that the quality of life is much better when it is clean around them and that everyone can contribute towards a cleaner future and a healthier environment,” said Aleksandra Maksimova, regional coordinator of Let’s do it! Russia. While last year 85 000 people took part in the event, this year even more are expected.

“This year, on the same day, two huge organisations will have cleanups: LDI Russia and Bloggers Against Garbage – two big civic movements that have agreed to engage in mutual help and cooperation. In comparison to last year this is a big leap forward,” said Maksimova.

The Let’s Do It! movement is supported by Skype, Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group, the Estonian Ministry of the Environment, QlikView, Tallink Group, DHL Estonia, Enterprise Estonia (EAS) and EuroPark Estonia.

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