Volunteers in 11 countries have chosen to clean up illegal garbage this May

The civic led worldwide action Let’s do It! World Cleanup has reached already over 100 countries and over eight million volunteers have been involved in cleaning actions all over the world. In May, eight countries have already had cleanup days and three more are about to join in the coming days.

Kosovo is cleaning today, on the 24th of May. German and Austrian volunteers are cleaning up illegal garbage on the 25th of May. Cambodia (Sihanoukville) is about to clean up the region on the 27th of May and Mongolia’s cleaning action will take place on the 31st of May.

“We expect over 100,000 citizens, great coverage by the media and over 10,000 tons of waste to be collected. We have registered over 10,000 volunteers from businesses, NGOs and voluntary groups from other institutions. We have already identified over 1,000 illegal dumping places in the process of waste mapping,” commented Luan Hasanaj, the coordinator of Let’s Do It! Kosovo.

Austria’s clean up day is mainly focusing on Vienna and the Danube region around Vienna. “Cleaning will take place at a National Park at the Danube River as this is the main area that is polluted after the snow have melted. There are a lot of other clean up days in other regions of Austria to be organized by the local authorities all over the upcoming year,” explained Jutta Grabenhofer, the organizer of Let’s Do It! Austria.

“At our clean up day we want to focus on the cleaning of National Parks. This is especially important because the ecological balance there is harmed by plastic waste. The trash in the Danube River comes from up the river and is being transported over a long period of time. A big problem is also waste submerging and waste being retained in the Black Sea,” she added.

Estonia, the birth place of Let’s Do It! World Cleanup, organized their cleaning day on the 4th of May. There were 1522 different actions taking place all over Estonia with around 40,000 participants, which make up 3% of the country’s inhabitants. Estonia organized a “Let’s Do It!” clean up day first time in 2008, when the majority of actions involved cleaning up illegal trash. The past few years’ activities have varied from renovating playgrounds, building village swings, renewing sporting trails to public discussions on how to make the community better.

“You do not need to invent a new high-tech tool to change the world. The experience of The Day of Civil Actions shows that there is also no need for tens of thousands of Euro to change the Estonian living environment – it is enough to have tens of thousands of Estonians who care,” said the organizer of the Estonian action, Tarmo Tüür. Estonia also collected stories, pictures and videos in co-operation with the Estonian National Museum, to be stored for future generations.

150,000 volunteers came together to clean up in 1,700 mapped points in cities and 400 points across Lithuania – more than expected by the organizers. In several countries the exact statistics are still being collected.

You can follow the countries’ cleaning dates and statistics on World Cleanup 2013 home page: https://www.letsdoitworld.org/cleanup_dates_2013Estonia, Lithuania, Argentina, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mongolia, Turkey and Finland (Lapland) have had their cleanup actions already in May.

Let’s Do It! movement is supported by Skype, Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group, Estonian Ministry of the Environment, QlikView, Tallink Group, DHL Estonia, Enterprise Estonia (EAS) and EuroPark Estonia.

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