Spring brought along new wave of massive cleanup actions

The civic led worldwide action Let’s do It! World Cleanup, which brought more than 6 million volunteers to stand up against illegal trash last year, has become a tradition and movement is about to continue this year. In past weeks more than half a million people are estimated to have participated in the cleaning actions.

Almost 30 actions have been planned in 22 countries before June. Last year, approximately half of the world’s countries took part in the Let’s Do It! World Cleanup 2012 action.

In March, cleanups took place in Belgium, India, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Portugal and Cambodia. Conference on the cleanup actions was organized in Ukraine. In past three weeks volunteers in Uganda, Greece, Canada (Nova Scotia), Mongolia, Croatia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Lebanon and India (Sannidhanam) have cleaned illegal trash and raised public awareness on waste management.

Greece celebrated the big cleaning day on the 14th of April, accepting a challenge to dive in and clean the sea as well. Scuba divers from all over the island of Samos gathered in Mourtia and worked in the crystal clear Aegean Sea.

“Preparation dives, a detail reconnaissance of the sea bed and the use of underwater scooters, helped the divers to cover and clean the maximum possible area. The lift bags were surfacing at regular intervals from depths up to 20 meters. The surface team and members of the Amateurs Fishing Association of Samos with their fishing boats were taking the garbage to shore,” comments Dive Master Alexandros Malagaris, who is also the president of Samos Divers Association and responsible for underwater cleanup.

The Greek divers collected 20 big mesh bags filled with glass and plastic bottles, soft drink and beer cans, carpets, ghost nets, fishing gear, clothes, pipes, construction materials, boat engine covers, miles of fishing line, and parts of plastic boats. “The volunteers were shocked by the 24 car tires and the hundreds of discarded instant coffee packaging they recovered from the sea bed and the beach,” admits Malagaris who at first was convinced that there will not be much work left due previous cleaning actions.

While the divers cleaned the sea, the Volunteer Fire Fighters of Vathi with the help of entire families of volunteers cleaned the beach and the surrounding forest. At the same time rest of Greece was involved in numerous cleanups, both on land and underwater. “The estimate success of the cleanup day should be exceeding the results of the last year, when over 20,000 people and 250 organisations and associations, 100 municipalities and 50 schools took part in the cleanup day and 300 garbage points were cleaned,” Malagaris adds.

On the 20th of April Bulgaria was cleaning more than 2000 dirty zones, marked during the mapping campaign on the website www.daizchistim.bg. 350,000 volunteers participated in the cleaning action in Bulgaria and 100,000 tons of illegal trash was removed.

“The cleanup took place with the help of the citizens and volunteers; partners form the state, district and municipal administration, the business sector, more than 10 media partners and the NGO sector. Also over 20 Bulgarian celebrities from various spheres of life joined the campaign and took part in the promotion,” says Konstantina Markova, the Communication Manager of the bTV Media Group.

“For the first time bTV Media Group chose the region with the greatest contribution to protecting the nature from pollution. bTV will award the winners with a special TV video, created especially for them and broadcast in bTV channels for 6 months. The videos will promote the beauty of the regions and the contribution of their citizens to protecting the environment,” she adds.

Spain, Latvia, Lithuania and Sweden are about to clean their countries on the 27th of April. Estonia, Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Argentina, Kosovo and El Salvador will organize big cleanup actions in May. The calendar with countries’ cleaning dates can be seen on the web page of Let’s Do It! World Cleanup: https://www.letsdoitworld.org/cleanup_dates_2013. The calendar will be updated regularly by the information received from participating countries.

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