Marta Rocha

“I’ve always felt bothered with environmental awareness regarding waste management in Brazil. I saw that ‘Let’s Do It!’ could start a discussion in various sectors of the society. We needed to make the problem visible to bring along a cultural change. People need to understand the importance of an individual act.”

Rainer Nõlvak

“I am a solitary type who loves to wonder around in the forest. At some point I started noticing that I’m not alone in the woods anymore – there was a remarkable amount of car tyres, dressers and plastic bags there. This combination felt violent. I realised we need to make an effort – if this doesn’t help, I guess we have to move to Mars.”

Afshin Ighani

“Education, violence, lack of jobs – these all seem much more important to the general public in Latin America. We show them that by taking care of the environment, it can help build a better society and solve some of these social problems. A cleaner environment is a happy environment, and this can prevent violence.”

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